Our Staff

Educators/Advisors – Daytime Enrichment Program

Ttoryorry Thompson

Torry Thompson comes to the Lab with 8 years of teaching experience from Environmental Charter Schools, New Design Charter Schools, and Alliance College Ready Public Schools. He graduated with his degree in mathematics and was later credentialed as a teacher in California. Torry is a first generation college graduate and has a deep commitment to working with students who are also blazing new pathways. Torry shares, “ I was the first of my siblings and parents to graduate from college and I didn’t take the easy road to graduate but I achieved it. A lot of the students I have taught were also first generation students as well and I can relate to the pressures and expectations they may have.”

Torry is also an innovator in the integration of technology into teaching, and in personalized learning, integrating use of the Khan Academy into his classes and dramatically increasing student’s motivation and success in mathematics through his approach.

Torry worked in the technology field, was an athlete in college, received scholarships in football and track and field and has won numerous leadership awards over his student and professional career.

Educators/Advisors – Afternoon Enrichment Classes

Cynthia MacMullin

Cynthia is the former curator at the Museum of Latin American Art and an expert in Latin American Culture. She has lived and worked in Mexico and curated art collections around the world. Cynthia and her colleagues offer art classes regularly at The Lab.

Ryan Moore

Ryan joins The Lab from Bournemouth, England where he coached elite players in tennis and is a highly regarded Soccer player and coach. He will be sharing his passion for fitness, and combining mental and physical wellness with fun and sports.