Lyndee Knox, PhD.

Executive Director

Dr. Knox has her PhD in Educational and Clinical Psychology. She was an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Southern California and  co-directed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Academic Center of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention for 10 years. She is founder of LA Net and PatientToc and is a nationally recognized expert in implementation science and quality improvement in social services and healthcare.  Dr. Knox is serving as interim director of the Lab during its start-up period and is one of the founding families. Lyndee’s daughter attends the Lab.


Tova Pusl

Director of Community Programs

Tova is a mother of two children ages 15 and 12. She serves at the Site Administrator and “Child Whisperer” for The Lab and is an expert in parent training. Her parenting classes on non-violent communication enjoy a wide following in the Long Beach area. She is a talented singer and artist also performing regularly on the stage. She brings her creativity and compassionate approach to the Lab and in her interactions with both families and students.  Tova oversees community outreach programs including the Parent Support Program for The Lab, partnerships with community groups, and use of the space.  Tova also represents the Lab at community events in Long Beach and surrounding areas.

mickie tubbs headshot

Michelle Tubbs, Ed.D

Director of Academic Programs

Michelle founded the BLAST Program at Alliance Charter Schools, helped develop the XQ:  Super School Project and was an early innovator in Personalized Learning movement.  Dr. Tubbs brings 25+ years experience as an innovator in education to The Lab. Dr. Tubbs oversees the academic programs and staff at The Lab Learning Space and serves as advisor/teacher for our younger students grades 1st-3rd.