The Lab Learning Space

The Lab Learning Space

The LAB Learning Space is a learning community in downtown Long Beach where educators,A Guide To write my essay At Any Age lecturers, artists, influencers, and homeschooling parents; meet, innovate, and create educational models for the future. 

The Lab’s education incubator 27 Ways To Improve custom writing is open between 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Workshops and enrichment classes are offered after 3 p.m. (please call for schedule)

Educator offices, thinklabs,he Quickest & Easiest Way To essay writing service conference room, and outdoor activity area are all available to our members according to their membership level. Non-members can reserve areas for special activities for a fee.  (please call to discuss)

The LAB is currently accepting applications for Fall 2016.   Space is limited so call and apply now. 

The LAB Learning Space

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