About Us

The LAB Learning Space was founded by parents looking for innovative and state-of-the art learning alternatives for their children. We provide space for homeschool educators and innovators to work, build, and deliver personalized educational support for families. Resident educators use a combination of on-line learning resources and hands-on project based learning focused on addressing real-world problems. Our membership  helps families set individualized learning goals, develop roadmaps to achieve them, and participates in hands-on projects designed to connect them to important issues in their community and build skills in critical thinking, teamwork, and personal leadership.

We took a “best practices” approach to developing The LAB Learning Space, and the educational framework and curriculum delivered by our members at the space.  Educators  identify exemplar educational models and programs across the globe in personalized and project-based learning and use these to guide their work. The LAB draws on approaches to personalized learning developed at the Khan Lab School in Mountain View, California, as well as  Summit, the Alt School and others.  It is deeply informed by Salman Khan’s concept of a One World Classroom and the idea that children learn best when they are encouraged to explore individual interests and build skills to self-manage their learning.

The LAB is open 5 days a week as well as weekends to members according to their membership level.  Educators deliver core academics from 8:30 to 3:30 each day, and a wide range of art, dance, dance, critical thinking,  and community education classes in the afternoons/nights.

The LAB is a project of Viva Learning Space, an incubator for innovative educational programming for families and teachers in downtown Long Beach.

We are accepting applications from educators interested in joining our membership as well as families interested in innovative approaches to education. Our participants range from 6-14 years of age.   For more information, please click on our registration tab and fill out the request for information form and someone will be in contact with you shortly, or email info@vivalearningspace.org